Who We Are

All for One is a united, global organization of professionals committed to teaching, learning and action.

Core Principles

Unity and power of the global majority
Professionalism and integrity
Decentralized, unbiased sharing of information
Protecting each other, our home and descendants
Decolonization and centring of Indigenous voices

Our Team

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Statement on Palestine

Stop the Genocide, we are united in the conviction that genocide in Gaza can, and must, be resisted.
Uphold Human Rights, human rights are universal, and extend to Palestinians as to the rest of us.

  • Palestinians have the right of return. We will not forget.
  • Palestinians have the right to statehood and citizenship.
  • Palestinians have the right to self-governance, free of foreign interference.
  • Palestinians have the right to self-defence under the same conditions as the rest of us, including the right to resist occupation.
  • Palestinians have the right to exist

Human rights cannot be placed on a timeline or postponed to the future.

Open Letter Project

Open Letter Project allows concerned organizations worldwide to add their names to an urgent appeal for an International Coalition to prevent genocide & provide humanitarian aid.

Operation Olive Branch

Operation Olive Branch is a continuously updating spreadsheet of Palestinian escape funds where progress towards their goals is being tracked. OOB is the property of their respective owner.

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